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NJC`06 - National Junior Championships 2006 natisni E-pošta
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2006 saw us hold our national junior championships, once again with the invaluable help of Harvey Norman. In addition to this, there have been two cricket days, organised independently of the club, which is a very encouraging sign. We have collected many pictures of the last few championships and we will endevour to upload them as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are a few taken at a pre-tournament training day at Danila Kumar primary school.

coaching1 actionshotkids1

Left: This coaching session took place in 2 halves. First in the school gymnasium, where the basics were introduced.
Right: Then, outside where the kids used the new skills they had learnt. Needless to say, they were enthusiastic.

actionshotkids2 actionshot3

Left: As the pictures show cricket was the winner...
Right: ..and hopefully some of these kids will continue to play!


Vinko shares some of his experiences with a group who haven't heard these jokes before.

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